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Pre-Built XBRL-Ready BI Platform

Near-Real-Time Business Intelligence Platform for Analysis of XBRL Data


After collecting all the filers' business information in XBRL, organizations need to meet the growing demand for timely and accurate analysis and mining of these filings. Traditional, custom-built Data Warehouse solutions often take too long and cost too much to build, and do not contain the latest information required for timely decision-making. Furthermore, once the Taxonomy changes, further development needs to occur to process and report against the new XBRL instance documents.

XBRL Analytics bundles SQL Power's proven ETL technology and XBRL parsing approach with an embedded Business Intelligence (BI) stack from MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR, the global leader in BI and mobile BI technology). XBRL Analytics transforms, loads and then optimizes XBRL instance documents for further processing - sophisticated data mining, reporting and analysis.

XBRL Analytics comes out of the box with pre-built MicroStrategy reports, graphs and dashboards (including mobile versions) allowing for very quick deployments (usually in under 30 days). Further reports, graphs, dashboards, or mobile applications can be easily customized for specific organizational needs via the MicroStrategy stack. The XBRL Analytics platform enables a wide range of stakeholders worldwide to consume and examine comparable XBRL data quickly, easily and efficiently.


XBRL Analytics

Maximum Disclosure and Transparency

Standardization of data content combined with XBRL Analytics will also enable intra- and cross-sectored analysis and data mining for supervisory purposes. This will support regulatory processes for macro-prudential supervision such as benchmarking, identifying outliers, or peer rankings within an industry category or across market sectors.

Standardization of data content in XBRL Analytics also enables easy collaboration between regulators, and in particular facilitates group-wide analysis as well as solvency calculations under an extended supervision framework.

XBRL Analytics: Introduction



  • Flexible and extendable Data Architecture which can load any XBRL instance document and can address any XBRL Business Intelligence requirement.
    • Supports summary level reporting and enables users to "drill anywhere" across the entire database, even down into low level transactional detail.
  • Taxonomy Agnostic platform - XBRL Analytics works with any Taxonomy and can analyze filings across organizations, industries and Taxonomies.
    • XBRL Analytics uses a single common metadata for consistency and efficient maintenance.
    • "Intelligent Cubes" (i.e. OLAP reports cached in-memory as data-sets) for in-memory analytics are supported by a 64-bit architecture.
  • Pre-built reports, graphs and dashboards using MicroStrategy, enabling you to answer business questions quickly and effectively.
    • Incorporates interactive dashboards, scorecards, ad hoc query, highly formatted reports, thresholds and alerts, as well as automated report distribution.
  • The solution is web enabled, includes Microsoft Office integration, outputs to publish to web as well as desktop (for developers).
  • Metrics and attributes are created once and re-used across different types of reports.
    • Changes are made in one place and updates are cascaded to all related reports automatically. Security permissions are handled in a similar fashion - i.e. granted in one place, reducing administration costs.
  • Easily customizable to add new data, reports, graphs or dashboards to meet evolving regulatory organizations' Business Intelligence needs.
  • Mobile BI: Analyze your data anywhere with mobile reports and applications on your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or other smart phone/tablet.
  • Explore your data and knowledge-discover using MicroStrategy's built-in data mining capabilities.
    • Data mining functionality delivers the results of predictive models to all users in familiar, highly formatted, and interactive reports and documents.
  • Quick Deployment in weeks, not years, using pre-built structures, data migration processes and reporting objects tailored for analysis of organizations' XBRL financial filings.
  • XBRL Analytics is part of a fully-integrated product line built organically from the ground up specifically for financial regulation - not a retrofit of disparate technologies.


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