We Empower Financial Regulators
We Empower Financial Regulators

Experience the gold standard in regulatory flexibility, self-sufficiency, efficiency, and transparency while providing the ultimate confidence in the regulated market.

Stay Ahead of a Rapidly Changing World
Stay Ahead of a Rapidly Changing World

From risk management to evolving global financial standards to digital transformation, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Advanced Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time
Advanced Analytics

Proven real-time analytics to highlight what you should know, and artificial intelligence to discover what you don’t ..

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Discover how SQL Power's end-to-end regulatory solution compares to other SupTech solution providers.

Basic Features 

Comprehensive Data Collection Platform

Pre-validated Submissions (for completion and accuracy)

Registration and Licensing Module

A Native XBRL Solution

Dynamic 360-degree View of Every Person and Organization

Highly Configurable Onsite Inspection Module

SQL Power Solutions 

Other suptech vendors

Advanced features

SaaS and On-Premise Solutions

Highly Configurable Risk Assessment Dashboard

Real-time Alerts and Inline Analytics

Built-in Business Process Workflow Engine and UI

Pre-Built Analytics Data Mart with Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Fully Configurable with Little to No Custom Coding 

SQL Power Solutions 

Other suptech vendors


The SQL Power Suite is the most robust and compelling regulatory solution on the market, delivering the ultimate in regulator flexibility, self-sufficiency, efficiency and transparency; increasing the likelihood of timely successful intervention while providing all interested parties with the ultimate confidence in the regulated market.


Dynamic Solution

A dynamic, end-to-end regulatory solution that easily evolves with your changing jurisdictional needs.

Domain Expertise

We work with progressive and forward thinking regulators to successfully implement their vision and plans.

Proven Products

Highly configurable, out-of-the-box solution successfully deployed by Canadian and International regulators.

Support & Training

Turnkey support and training by an experienced and professional team with international expertise.

Real-Time Analytics & AI

The only pre-built real-time Analytics platform on the market with Artificial Intelligence capabilities!

"With a competitor’s solution, CIMA spent 4 years and $4.0 Million to automate 2 returns; while with the SQL Power solution we were able to automate 38 returns in 6 months for less than half the price."

Head of Information Systems Division, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority